tale – new research


Tate Summer School 2015

Chris Hall and Pat Thomson have been awarded an Arts Council research grant. We are the university partners to Royal Shakespeare Company Education and Tate Learning. Our research will address the current gap in knowledge about what teachers do during and after they have been involved in high quality professional development in the performing and visual arts. We will also see how students experience and benefit (or not) from their teacher’s enhanced pedagogic content knowledge.

This is a longitudinal study, currently three years in duration. We will follow young people at three year levels – GSCE, and the two years of A levels – as they make decisions about subject choices and careers. We will work with thirty schools and sixty teachers – and a lot of young people!

We are currently setting this project up, choosing schools to contact, employing a researcher, getting ethical approvals sorted. The project has its own website and blog which can be found here.

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