CRACL news

CRACL is pleased to report two staff changes.

Dr Becky Parry was the researcher working on the Tale project, She now has a permanent Assistant Professor position in the school. She will be working on the new B Ed programme and the MA CALL.

Dr Lexi Earl has been appointed to the position of researcher for TALE for the remainder of the project.

We will soon be advertising a shorter term position for a researcher specialising in statistics.


Roma Patel, who is partly supervised in CRACL, conducted her final PhD research ‘experiment’ at Lakeside. Roma is a theatre designer and she is researching how digital technologies can be used to create immersive theatre environments for very small children.

She staged, with the help of an artist, a one hour performance which was attended by volunteer research families. The performance was called The Runaway Hare, and it featured a tree that responded to sound by making light patterns, a talking grassy patch, a magic flower that laughed and boats that twinkled.

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