Music Commission

The Music Commission published its report this week. Pat chaired the research advisory committee of the Commission. School of Education PhDers Frances Howard from CRACL and Emily Winchip were also on the research advisory committee.

The summary report says:

  • There is a wide inconsistency of music provision in schools
  • The cost barriers to families represent a significant inequality of access to music education
  • There has been an inadequate response to how young people use technology in their experience of music
  • There is insufficient support beyond first access programmes for learners who wish to progress their music education
  • Schools need greater support in delivering a rich music curriculum that focuses on key musical skills
  • Resources and organisations are not working together effectively enough to support every learner to progress.

Of particular interest to us are the recommendations about initial teacher training

  • A re-evaluation of the focus and content of initial teacher training (ITT) for music to include more music training time allocated in PGCE courses
    and all music teacher training to have a focuson progression, including time for music in the proposed two-year PGCEs in England. Higher expectations of recruits to primary ITT, and more funding for specialist primary school music teachers

And a greater focus on partnerships between schools and higher education

  • The establishment of Research and Knowledge Exchange Centres for progression in music education, run in each country by existing academic and expert organisations and in England in partnership with Arts Council England, to generate research, promote best practice and innovation on the learning of music, funded by Research Councils, lottery funding, other charitable and philanthropic sources; working alongside and supporting the Music Champions to develop locally-available resources supporting progress in music.


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