completed research

Bubble: mapping leading arts practice in Nottingham 

An investigation of youth arts provision in the city of Nottingham. A project funded by The Mighty Creatives (bridge organisation), led by New Arts Exchange. (Thomson, Coles)

Dolly Parton Literacy Project

(Hall, Jones)

Cultural Value in the CCE archive

An AHRC funded desk study of the research commissioned by Creative Partnerships. CP archive final report (Thomson, Coles, Hallewell)

Live Art: what can film tell us about young people’s experience?

An AHRC funded project in partnership with Tate Learning  – an expploration of the use of film as a way for young people to convey their experiences of a live art choreography workshop. Blog, participant archive and tate live art final report ( Thomson, Pringle)

The Moon Project: Sinfonia Viva

A case study of a regional orchestra working with schools: Moon_Report ( Franks)

Performing Impact

An AHRC funded desk study about formative evaluation in and for community theatre. Blog and performing impact final report. ( Thomson, Sanders, Bloomfield)

The Raleigh project

A partnership between the Schools of Education, English, Computing Science, Engineering and History and local theatre company Hanby and Barrett. A year of performances, films and lectures leading to a website I worked at Raleigh. ( Hall, Thomson, Sanders)

New literacies and cross-generational learning: an ethnography of everyday family practices on a Midlands council estate

A British Academy funded project which explored the use of everyday literacies in the lives of three families. The goal was to develop a framework for exploring the use of text across generations as a resource for bridging social and cultural gaps. ( Jones)

Get Wet: creative curriculum at Papplewick Pumping Station

A two year action research project with teacher educators, five local schools and artists  to develop an interdisciplinary water literacies curriculum. Website with video reports and evaluations. ( Thomson, Townsend, Biddulph, Mills)

Signature Pedagogies

Funded by Creativity, Culture and Education as a legacy project, designed to show the practices of twelve artists working in schools. A resource for professional development and teacher education – website with videos and Signature Pedagogies Report. ( Hall, Thomson, K Jones, Sefton-Green)

Right up my street

( Jones, McIntyre)

Hanby and Barrett – Community Arts

An ethnographic study of the work of a community theatre company. This led to joint publications and the development of three plays performed in Bilborough. ( Hall, Thomson, Jones)

Schools of Creativity

Creative Partnerships funded case studies of 30 schools, leading to a David Fulton book series. ( Thomson, Sefton-green, Ruthra-Rajan)

Promoting Social and Educational Inclusion through the Creative Arts

( Hall, Thomson)

Self Portrait Project

( Hall)

Creative School Change

A three year project looking at 40 schools engaged in Creative Partnerships. Longitudinal case studies of 12 schools. Funded by Creative Partnerships.

creative school change final report

(Thomson, Hall, K Jones)

Reframing Literacy

A project funded by the QCA to look at film literacies. BFI; UKLA, Sheffield, Nottingham and Lincoln LA (Hall)

Learning Performance Network: Royal Shakespeare Company Education

A study of five clusters of schools involved in the LPN. Funded by Creative Partnerships . Interim report LPN and  Final LPN report   (Thomson, Hall, K Jones, Franks)

Arts Partnership Nottingham

( Hall, Thomson, Sellman)

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