new australian arts policy proposal

We like to keep up with what is happening in other parts of the world. It’s not surprising, given that two members of CRACL are from Australia, we noticed that during the current elections the Greens have produced a very interesting set of policy proposals.


One of them is …


Recognising the importance and impact of creative enrichment programs and initiatives, the Greens will commit $150 million over four years to an artistic partnership program, funding artists to work with teachers in classrooms around the country to deliver artistic education and inspiration.

Such partnerships will employ artists to work alongside aspiring artists in order to engage them and foster their talent across a range of creative disciplines, demonstrating the viability of a career in the arts as well as providing inspiration and strengthening creative expression.

The program will offer grants of $10,000 for individual creative professionals to work alongside teachers in a classroom for approximately 20 days, and $30,000 for arts or cultural organisations to work with schools for at least 20 days.

While the Greens are pretty unlikely to win power, it is interesting to see how this proposal might influence other parties.

We noticed that the Greens drew on some research which showed the arts contributing to learning in other subjects – we would tell the Australian Greens if we could, that the arts have their own value and don’t have to contribute to other learning areas to be of benefit. See our TALE research.