postgraduate research

Doctoral researchers attached to the centre ( September, 2017):

Lesley BREWER The role of school leaders in promoting a school ethos which supports anti-bullying

Betty CHU Advocacy of teacher librarian’s role in curriculum reforms in Hong Kong schools: reality or rhetoric?

Anna Colin What is an alternative community arts space?

Sonia DAVIS The development of Black Studies in the UK

Elle DOMINSKI A study of the school experiences of LGBTQ youth in a regional English city

Gary HARGREAVES Transformative effects of “forum theatre”

Frances HOWARD Investigating the Arts Award for hard to reach young people on local authority programmes

Peter JOHNSTON Identifying positive and negative aspects of small-school headship in order to better understand recruitment and retention in small primary schools

Olga KARAIOSIF How drama can help students in Greek Community Schools explore their Greek-Cypriot identity, build their community and rethink their citizenship in order to become more active citizens in the British’s multicultural society

Cassie KILL   A study of the learning programmes offered by Nottingham Contemporary

David KELLAWAY English corner – At the crossroads?

Tracy MCCOY Inclusion and creativity in Art & Design in a Higher Education context

Julia MOLINARI An ontology of English academic writing: a philosophical and empirical study

Roma PATEL Children’s play with creative wearable technologies

Jodie PENNACHIA Academisation and social justice

Margaret PITFIELD What contribution does drama make to teaching and learning English?

Nicola SIM Investigation of partnerships between visual arts and youth organisations

Matilda STICKLEY Act, affect and direct: Development of socio-dramatic play in the early years classroom

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